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Sony DADC has decades of experience assembling finished goods related to pre-recorded optical discs for the home entertainment market. In addition to the assembly, the Sony DADC lines are fully integrated to include processes such as labeling/stickering, wrapping, cartoning and palletizing. Also included are quality control tasks such as barcode reading, camera based image assessments and precise weighing and counting.


The expertise gained with this experience is transferable to many other products and markets.


We offer manual assembly utilizing both pace-line and one-piece flow approaches when volumes are lower. 43,000 m2 of warehouse floor space and 36,000 m2 of shop-floor space are available over all sites. We also offer high speed and highly automated lines when larger volumes justify the design time and investment. These solutions are developed by our in-house engineering experts.


Sony DADC also provides a full portfolio of associated services such as kitting, package design, procurement of custom graphics and inventory management for all finished goods components.