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Creative Packaging Solutions

Knowing about the importance of first impressions

Our packaging solutions go way beyond functionality - we catch your customer’s attention!

Complete and varied packaging solutions specifically tailored to your business or client needs.

The focus of our business success is the satisfaction of our customers. Catering for very diverse requests on a daily basis, the Sony DADC principles are simple –  People, Service, Process & Technology.


It’s a constant challenge to create eye-catching products that attract your consumer’s attention right at the Point of Sale, underlining your product’s status and added value. We are tirelessly searching all the markets for additional ideas, materials and solutions.


We offer board and paper packaging to such diverse groups and industries as Video Home Entertainment, Music, Textiles, and a variety of other bespoke requests.


Sony DADC specializes in all types of printed packaging. We provide unique packaging and printing solutions to a variety of notable corporate companies and smaller businesses across Europe, Asia and Australia.


You have an idea? We know how to make it come true.

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Sustainable packaging solutions
More about sustainable packaging solutions
Sustainable packaging solutions


As a global company with many clients, consumers and suppliers around the world, we have an opportunity, and responsibility, to encourage ethical sourcing values. Our goal is to limit negative impacts and make a positive contribution to the environment and the planet we live on. We believe this is the correct course of action, to do our part for the environment and help encourage clients and consumers alike to share in this responsibility.


Environmental sourcing puts emphasis on what we purchase in addition to focusing on cost, quality and turnaround. This is one of our key focal areas for our supply operations.

Bespoke Packaging



More about Bespoke Packaging
Bespoke Packaging


We pride ourselves on delivering bespoke, customized solutions to meet every clients‘ special requirements. Attention to detail is at the forefront of what we do, helping clients to lead the way in engagement and retention of customers.


We have a small and highly experienced team which helps to create ideas, and ensure the best production, fulfilment and local or international delivery.


Anything but standard! Even more insight to our portfolio.