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Terre Haute in Indiana, USA


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Terre Haute, USA

Located in Indiana, the facility was established in 1983.

Our long standing operation in the community has developed a highly experienced team ready to support your business needs. The primary offerings include assembly services and distribution and we are highly experienced in automated assembly and manual packaging. Our integrated capacity planning, shop floor control, and warehouse management systems ensure the most efficient flow of product end-to-end.


With our customer facing business portal,  customers have the information they need and the ability to manage their orders at any time. Communicating with us is easy using our full EDI capabilities.


The distribution systems are aligned to distribute  products on time to retail or consumers.  Our focus on zero defects ensures we utilize automation, auditing, training and KPI reporting to maintain our quality targets. We are always looking for improvement and expansion opportunities that grow our business.


The Sony DADC team is prepared to listen to the needs of  customers, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations in servicing their business.

Our benefits

Open and friendly atmosphere

We live the “Sony Spirit” – respect, tolerance, open communication and honesty are our most valuable assets

Diverse community

Our employees are within a broad range of people with varied skillsets, interests and hobbies – that means a large pool of people to socialize with

Equal work conditions and anti-discriminatory environment


We treat all our employees with respect regardless of their nationality, race, gender, religion or political preferences.

Training and development

We like to see our employees grow – therefore, we provide them with a wide range of trainings, workshops and courses.

Career opportunities

We offer a variety of job positions throughout our sites for both external and internal candidates.

Ergonomically compliant workplace

We keep in mind the capabilities and limitations of our employees and do our best to provide good worksite design for all workers. We comply with ISO 45001 certification.

Work-life balance

We understand the importance of time spent outside of work, therefore we offer part-time jobs, flexible working hours and home office whenever possible.

We organize sport and get-together events and support our employees with various benefits related to healthy lifestyle along with physical and mental development.

Environmental and charity support

We think green, not only when it comes to the production and workplace but also by taking part in events supporting health environment. We support local communities and non-profit institutions.

More benefits

Up to 5 weeks of vacation; paid overtime; flexible working hours with home office (depending on job/function); company matching program for retirement; medical, dental and vision benefits; employee assistance programs/work life balance; anniversary and special occasions gifts; …and more

Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonial #1
Tammi H.
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Employee Testimonial #1
Tammi H.


Short summary of your work history: What position did you start in? Where are you now?

I started in 1985 as a Replication Operator, then moved to packaging for one year. There was a new opportunity within our Mastering Department as a Test Mold Operator. I was selected for this role and did this function for nine years.


My next move was to the onsite Sony Store, which I co-managed for four years. The store was moving to an online presence only. At this time I applied for a position within our Quality Department as a Quality Specialist and have been performing this job since that time.


Which Sony DADC benefits do you enjoy the most?

The medical, dental, and vision benefits are very positive.


Team – what do you like about your team/colleagues?

What I like most about my work team is the people. Everyone is friendly and helpful.

We work together as a team.

Employee Testimonial #2
Kate H.
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Employee Testimonial #2
Kate H.


Short summary of your work history: What position did you start in? Where are you now?

I started in 1985 as an Operator within the mastering area responsible for plating, dry finish, and performed CDC quality checks on the discs. From mastering, I moved into packaging as an Operator for four years. Then I accepted a position within the Media Test Department where I check the operational functions of different discs.


Which Sony DADC benefits do you enjoy the most?

The medical, dental, and vision benefits. Our 401k program for retirement with the company matching is high on my list.


What do you like about your team/colleagues?

What I like most about my time with Sony DADC has been the people. In each different department I worked in, the people were friendly and welcoming.

Employee Testimonial #3
Ed G.
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Employee Testimonial #3
Ed G.


Short summary of your work history: What position did you start in? Where are you now?

I started as an Engineer in the Printing Department. Then I had a lead technical role in format launches such as Laser Video Disc, CD-ROM, Mini-Disc and PlayStation. Later as a manager and then a director I built and led a team that oversaw nearly all building expansions, format launches and major capital projects to increase capacity. I was also the primary representative from Sony DADC North America for all collaborative development of equipment, processes and raw materials with Sony colleagues from Japan and Austria. Continual improvement has been the underlying theme for my entire career.


What do I like about your team and my colleagues?

My team and colleagues are highly skilled and very competent, are innovative/creative problem solvers, have a great work ethic, a sense of collaboration and they are easy to work with. It feels great to respect the ability and integrity of the people you work with.


Why recommend Sony as an employer?

For myself and many others, the best thing about Sony is the opportunity to grow professionally.  Not necessarily in terms of advancement of title. But what Sony does is give the opportunity to learn new skills. Or to contribute at a level above your place on the organizational chart. To pursue your ideas to make improvements. For those who are inclined, it is easy to challenge yourself and grow professionally.

Our values


We promote open communication. Everyone should be able to express their opinion and receive an honest answer to their question.


We stand for excellent services for our customers.


We take responsibility for the tasks entrusted to us and do not hesitate to take on challenges independently.


We treat each other with respect and appreciation.


We achieve our goals together as a team. The strength of our team lies in each individual member.