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Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

Variety of services for Sony DADC sites and clients

170 employees

105,260 sqm

Terre Haute, USA

US Capability Focused.


Sony DADC US launched operations in Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1983. The company broke manufacturing and entertainment performance records producing more than 23 billion discs through the Terre Haute facility from 1983 – 2022.


40 years after the company started, our company business model looks vastly different today than it did many years ago. Today, Sony DADC US is leveraging each capability to grow the business in different ways. Sony DADC US is going after new industries in new markets. We are partnering with packaging and distribution operations for small, medium, and large companies to help them with their own economies of scale.


Sony DADC US has a 110,000 sq. ft. cleanroom available for electronic manufacturing, semiconductors, and many other devices that require clean manufacturing space. The cleanroom is ISO 6 and ISO 7 certified. The Information Technology Services are available à la carte or as a package to oncoming customers to support their business needs. We have 40 years of injection molding experience and expertise to service many different markets.


Sony DADC US recognizes the market opportunity to partner with other businesses across the globe and share its expertise about success. What made Sony so successful can now make your business successful too! Partner with Sony DADC US!

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