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Manufacturing & Engineering

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Manufacturing & Engineering

Ever since the development of the CD in 1982 by Sony and Philips, Sony has been a visionary leader in the development and manufacturing of optical media.

We manufacture optical discs in all formats for the home entertainment industry, including CD, Super Audio CD, DVD, Blu-rayTM and Ultra HD Blu-rayTM.


On top, we have a dedicated focus on new technologies and trends and are constantly investigating in what other areas, industries and products our core capabilities and competencies would be essential.


All processes for disc manufacturing on site:


  • In-house mastering
  • In-house screen-making
  • Disc injection moulding
  • 3D injection moulding
  • Screen and offset printing
  • In-house engineering
  • Print and Graphic Management


On 6,200 m2 clean room floorspace, our 75 injection moulding machines and 16 highspeed offset and screen printing machines are fully automated and equipped with 100% in-line quality control. Our in-house engineering capabilities allow us to customize our machine park and automate our processes from mastering to printing and storage of finished items. This enables a daily manufacturing output of up to 1.8 million discs.

We offer world class technologies
More about our technologies
We offer world class technologies



Digitalized data from our customers is translated in a physical tool for the replication processes. Different methods of direct laser writing technologies are used to structure photo sensitive resists on substrates in a sub-micron and nanoscale manner. To structure a surface in this way is also known as a lithographic process.



Through a galvanic process, Nickel is deposited on the structured surface of the structured photo resist. This produces a perfect copy that is solid enough to be used as a stamp in the replication process.


Injection moulding

We are experts in electric and hydraulic injection and injection compression moulding of parts requiring extreme precision and optical properties utilizing pressure ranging from 25 to 450 tons. Our experience includes single and multi-cavity with maximum shot size ranging from 10 cm3 to 500 cm3.  The materials used include polycarbonate and polypropylene.



Through <10 nanometer sputter layer thickness utilizing 0.9 kW to 5 kW power, we are able to achieve very precise reflectivity and other optical properties on polycarbonate. We have experience with several custom alloy compositions as well as aluminium, silver, silicon and gold.


Spin coating/laquer coating

We are able to achieve very precise thickness control of UV curable lacquers as thin as 2 micrometres and as thick as 100 micrometres.



Precision alignment and the accurate control of the bonding agent, proximity and pressure is needed to assemble parts into a final working product.



Our printing capabilities include screen and offset printing using UV curable inks with thickness between 1 to 7 micron and 150 lines per inch resolution.


QA inspection

In manufacturing, we utilize both camera and laser based devices both in fully integrated and stand-alone configurations for assessment of layer thickness, flatness, reflectivity, point and line defects and much more, all at sub-micron levels.



In the Mastering Department, we fabricate the tools that are used for mass replication of discs and other elements. Precise sub-micrometre structuring of the surfaces with the help of direct laser writing lithographic and electroforming processes are key. It is our enthusiasm for technology and quality that drives us to deliver services to our customers that go beyond what is expected.

Explore how artists inspire our engineers
More about vinyl
Explore how artists inspire our engineers


With a keen eye on our customers΄ demands and market trends, we offer a wide range of vinyl solutions together with our vinyl manufacturing partner to complete our portfolio. This enables Sony DADC to extend our high standards of quality, security, and service to the vinyl sector.