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February 2018

Sony DADC contributes to new part-time master’s degree programme: Robotic Systems Engineering.

Robotics is currently becoming one of the key technologies. Back in 2017, Sony DADC started a cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in this field and were invited to develop a new four semester part-time master’s degree programme:

Robotic Systems Engineering.

During the recent months, our colleagues responsible for the engineering in Austria, met with further company representatives from the Upper Austria and Salzburg region, to prepare the new part-time master’s degree programme together with the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria.


It is scheduled to begin in the winter semester 2018/19, subject to approval by the AQ Austria.

The objective was to create a balanced teaching content which is suitable for production companies, research institutes as well as development/distribution companies for robotics. To further emphasize the practical relevance, the form of a part-time master’s degree programme was chosen which increasingly attracts students and professionals. With the part-time master’s degree programme, companies may offer their existing and new employees further development opportunities in an interesting sector. Due to the close cooperation of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria with the company representatives, the training plan perfectly matches the current and future requirements of the labour market.


The part-time master’s degree programme is a combination of robotics and computer science and includes, inter alia, the teaching contents of mathematics, mechatronics, software development, sensor technology, image processing, occupational psychology, safety aspects, localization and mapping, multi-body dynamics and artificial intelligence.


Successful graduates are responsible for the integration of classical robotics, but will also promote the integration of future robotic systems (collaborative, autonomous) in the sense of industry 4.0. This is an important step towards securing the location of the domestic industry in Austria.


We will remain actively involved in the master programme “Robotic Systems Engineering” and support interested colleagues.