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October 2019

Road to Zero: Official opening of the photovoltaic installation at Sony DADC in Thalgau, Austria

Environmental management is firmly placed in the corporate philosophy of Sony DADC since the beginning production in 1987. The company has set itself the goal of achieving a Zero Environmental Footprint in the lifecycle of its products and business activities by 2050. The main purpose of this cause is to eliminate CO2 emissions, use new materials or reduce any waste by 2050. The Road to Zero Global Environmental Plan aims to eliminate all negative environmental impacts over the next 30 years.

We are proud to announce that as a measure in a long list of activities, one of the largest photovoltaic systems is now officially operating at the Thalgau site, covering an area of approximately 8,000 sqm. To celebrate this big step, we had an official opening event on October 25th with the Governor Deputy of Salzburg Heinrich Schellhorn, the mayor of Thalgau Johann Grubinger, stakeholders and friends of Sony DADC.


Key figures on the photovoltaic system in Thalgau

The photovoltaic system in Thalgau is already operating since August 2, 2019. Therefore 2,700 solar modules have been installed, with a resulting peak output of around 840 kWpeak.


Since August, we generated around 186,000 kWh of clean electricity which was 100 % used in-house.

For illustration: this type of power generation could cover 14 % of the annual private electricity consumption of Thalgau. That would currently correspond to 210 four-person households (each 4,000 kWh).



“Sony DADC has already achieved a lot: For example, since 2007 we have been sourcing 100 % of our electricity from renewable energy sources. And we’ve set ourselves many more goals: our global environmental program “Road to Zero” coordinates all of these activities, which are geared towards reducing our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. Out of this commitment, we have tackled a very special project this year, namely the construction of one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the province of Salzburg. And we will continue to focus our business activities on sustainability in the future as well. Each of us can contribute to the preservation of natural resources and gain a better quality of life through a sustainable lifestyle.”

Werner Gangl

Vice President European Manufacturing Sony DADC

Opening of Sony DADC's photovolatic installation in Thalgau, Austria
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We are looking forward to many more projects achieving a Zero Environmental Footprint!