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August 2021

Sony DADC receives award as “Klimaaktiv Mobil Projektpartner”

On August 19, Sony DADC was honored at the Klimaaktiv Mobil event. Sony DADC received the certificate for switching to e-mobility in the company’s vehicle fleet and for investing in an extensive charging infrastructure.


On this day, the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK) honored exemplary institutions, organizations, municipalities and companies for the implementation of mobility projects.
30 years of environmental commitment show clear successes

As a company, we are particularly convincing due to our diverse environmental measures:


  • A photovoltaic system with around 840 kWp, recovery of heat from the cooling systems which saves 16,000 cubic meters of natural gas annually.
  • Since 2007, our electricity supply has been running on 100% renewable energy and since 2018 we have been active as a partner company of Salzburg 2050.
  • We promote biodiversity in a very active way. For example, through extensive farming with sheep mowing our meadows on the site, or through our 10 own beehives with 400,000 working bees, next to their own flower garden.
  • We promote sustainable and climate-friendly mobility in the form of electric cars and free use of charging stations on company premises for employees and visitors, and have been committed to climate and environmental protection for three decades.


In the process, we have already achieved a great deal: in the meantime, 59% of the energy used to produce a disc has been saved, 96% fewer solvents and 92% less water have been used, and waste has been reduced by 54%.


We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and to be able to show that each of us can contribute to a sustainable lifestyle. We look forward to more projects that help conserve natural resources and promote an environmentally friendly future in our business activities.

We promote biodiversity in a very active way, like extensive agriculture with sheep mowing our meadows on the plant, or our 10 company bee hives with 400.000 worker bees next to their own flower garden.
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