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July 2021

Smart Summer: Pupils visit Sony DADC in Austria

On Tuesday 27.07.2021 we were able to hold – for the first time after a long time live on site and in compliance with 3G rules – the Smart Summer Day of the Federation of Austrian Industry in Thalgau.

22 pupils aged 11 – 15 were able to experience our activities for a morning and get a small impression of Sony DADC. The programme targets at creating awareness of the wide variance of technology and IT companies in the Salzburg area.

With informative and at the same time entertaining lectures, our colleagues conveyed interesting contents from the areas of production, mastering, IT and environmental management. At the same time, the students had the opportunity to become active themselves, to puzzle along and to try things out.

The appreciative and praising feedback at the end of the morning showed that the pupils as well as the colleagues had a lot of fun.

The pupils all showed high levels of interest and were impressed by the technology and precision. They enjoyed getting an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of Sony DADC.

On 27th July, this year’s Salzburg pupils holiday programme concluded with an event, highlighting the engagement of the young girls and boys with a certificate.