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November 2021

Sony DADC & HAK Hallein – Partnership

In 2019 Sony DADC helped to develop a new branch at HAK Hallein called “Industrial Business” and was involved in creating the curriculum.

We are very pleased that in the current school year we could revive the partnership and we are now partners of 23 students of class 2 BKN.


We will accompany these students until they take their Matura and will support them in linking the theoretical knowledge they have learned with practical experience. We are planning to implement this by giving lectures at school as well as inviting the students to Thalgau and of course we will actively support them with internships, projects and their diploma theses.


Christine Enhuber and Wolfgang Fuchs are enthusiastically dedicating themselves to this task and have already had the opportunity to get to know the students during a visit to the HAK and to introduce Sony DADC to them.


At this meeting, a roll-up was handed over, which will be set up in the class to symbolize the partnership between Sony DADC and the 2BKN.