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Bright visions, smart solutions

MNE September 2023, Berlin  

At the end of September, our Micro Optics team visited the Micro and Nano Engineering Conference in Berlin (MNE). This open-access multidisciplinary conference spans the fields from nano to micro and from science to technologies. With a history of nearly 50 years since its inception in 1975, MNE continues to make impactful contributions as it extends into 2023.

MNE focuses on the engineering, fabrication, and integration of functional nanostructures and surfaces, driving intelligent nanomanufacturing and the development of cutting-edge devices and bio-microsystems.


For micro optics, which operates at the microscale, MNE holds a prominent position as a conference that offers an excellent opportunity to witness the latest advancements in nanoimprinting lithography.


MNE conference not only celebrates the incredible advancements in the field but also serves as a meeting ground for pioneers in the industry and as a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest materials and equipment. In this regard it was an excellent opportunity for Sony DADC to display some of our Step and Repeat (S&R) results together with our partner Profactor.


The convergence of novel mastering techniques, augmented reality applications, and industry innovations left attendees with a profound sense of the exciting possibilities ahead in the world of micro optics.