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Paris, France and Salzburg, Austria, 23 March 2015

ePress & eBooks solution provider Immanens chooses Sony DADC

French privately held company Immanens announced today it will use Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution to secure local and international distribution of their eBooks content.

Immanens focuses on the business of electronic information for editing (700 newspaper titles, 15 educational publishers, 15 million deliveries per year), working with the entire chain of digital publishing: publishers, retailers, and B2B2C.


“Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution will enable us to address various business models needed in our industry, such as selling or lending content in a unit sale transaction or subscription model. This User Rights Management Solution technology is very user-friendly and hassle-free for the end user and an ideal solution for content publishers and distributors” says Philippe Belin, CEO of Immanens.


“Based on our extensive experience of Digital Rights Management for the entertainment industry, we are now able to offer a very comprehensive User Rights Management Solution for the electronic publishing industry. We are proud that Immanens has chosen our solution to continue their successful business”, says Wolfgang Fuchs, Director Business Development & Sales Publishing, Sony DADC.


About Immanens
Started in 2004, Immanens is a major player in the distribution of digital content in France, and develops solutions for three markets: magazine, books, and education.


About Sony DADC

Sony DADC is a leading end-to-end services provider for the entertainment industry and beyond, offering world-class physical and digital supply chain solutions and optical media replication services. The company’s network consists of service offices, optical media production and distribution centres worldwide.


Press Contact Immanens:

Philippe Belin
+33 1 82 72 90 26

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