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Salzburg, Austria and Chicago, USA, 21 February 2017

Datalogics adds Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution into eBook system READynamic™

Datalogics eBook system, READynamic™, gets powerful security boost with addition of Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution.

Datalogics, the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies, announces the addition of Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution (URMS) into READynamic, the company’s eBook platform.


READynamic is a comprehensive eBook solution offered by Datalogics, equipping educators and businesses with a powerful backend server and mobile apps to facilitate the management and distribution of eBook content. As the name suggests, this dynamic system provides easy-to-use tools that add rich interactive elements to eBook content, such as quizzes, videos, and other media. READynamic easily integrates with existing learning or content management systems, and offers seamless integration and customization through robust server APIs.


By adding the integration with Sony DADC URMS, READynamic will offer the interactive experience today’s learners need, but with strengthened content protection. READynamic supports all the benefits that Sony DADC’s URMS has to offer, including industry-recognized digital rights, flexible content control, a common bookshelf, and single sign-on for a seamless user experience.


“Publishers want to ensure that their content is secure. By integrating the Sony DADC URMS into READynamic, we are offering even greater safeguards for our eBook solution. This translates to much wider access to content that, in the past, was out of scope because of content protection requirements,” said Ching Yue, Product Manager for eBook technologies at Datalogics.


In addition to content protection, there is a growing demand in the market for more flexible control of how content is used. “This needed to develop hand-in-hand to support existing and new business models,” said Yue. “We partnered with Sony because it meets this benchmark. The design philosophy and capabilities match perfectly with what we envisioned for READynamic.”


“It is their experience with DRM and their vision about the future of user rights that made us want to partner with Datalogics,” said Spiros Rally, Vice President DigitalWorks at Sony DADC. “READynamic is a comprehensive eBook solution that will help educators and corporate clients with the transformation to digital.”



About Sony DADC

Sony DADC is a leading end-to-end services provider for the entertainment industry and beyond, offering world-class physical and digital supply chain solutions and optical media replication services. The company’s network consists of service offices, optical media production and distribution centres worldwide.

The URMS technology is created by Denuvo Software Solutions, the team that developed best-of-breed copy protection systems like Denuvo Anti Tamper for games and Screen Pass for movies. For more information, visit


About Datalogics

Datalogics, Inc. is a PDF and eBook technology company, dedicated to providing the highest quality software. Based in Chicago, IL, we support hundreds of customers worldwide who are using our technology in diverse applications. With over 50 years of industry experience, we provide unmatched support, enabling customers to bring their products to market faster. Datalogics is on the PDF Association board, and is a member of both the W3C Transitional Publishing Industry (TPI) and the Readium Foundation. For more information, visit


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