End-to-end supply chain solutions for the home video industry, from authoring through to distribution.
We take your games content to the market unlike others, support you in empowering consumer experiences.
The music industry is in our DNA. From the recorded disc to digital distribution, we can help meet all your requirements.
Sony DADC’s eBridge product suite engages the consumer like never before and delivers valuable market feedback.
Development, mass manufacturing and supply of microstructured consumables to Life Sciences and IVD companies.

Group companies

of Sony DADC

Sony DADC Americas (The Americas)

  • Sony DADC US Inc.
  • Sony DADC Canada Co.
  • Sony DADC Mexico S.A. de C.V.
  • Sony DADC Brasil Industria, Comercio e Distribuicao Video-Fonografica Ltda.
  • Sony DADC Costa Rica Limitada
  • Sony Nuevo Laredo, S.A. de C.V.*



Sony DADC International
(Europe & Asia Pacific except Japan)

  • Sony DADC Austria AG
  • Sony DADC UK Ltd.
  • Sony DADC Germany GmbH
  • Sony DADC Iberia S.L.
  • Sony DADC France S.A.S.
  • Sony DADC Italia S.r.l.
  • Entertainment Network Scandinavia AB
  • Sony DADC Czech Republic s.r.o
  • OOO Sony DADC
  • SRS Europe Ltd.**


  • Sony DADC Hong Kong Ltd.
  • Sony DADC China Co., Ltd.
  • Shanghai Epic Music Manufacturing Operations*
  • Sony DADC Manufacturing India Private Limited
  • Sony DADC Australia Pty Ltd.





* Company partially operated by Sony DADC Corporation
** 50% Joint Venture together with Sony Pictures